Constant Gratification

Image by Nero Monga, Flickr

Forget instant: constant gratification’s where it’s at. I’ve noticed that many of the authors I work with tend to delay their excitement about a project, especially when it’s a book. Why? They usually tell me it’s not “real” until there’s a book in their hands. Ugh.

This means people are choosing to overlook exciting, gratifying, and totally rad moments like:

  • getting a book contract
  • getting great reviews
  • turning in a final draft
  • putting the book on their CV
  • approving their book’s cover
  • getting a release date
  • receiving galleys
  • receiving bound copies
  • publication in paperback

Any one of these things would make me feel like I won a freakin’ medal! In fact, because I have so many clients at different stages of publication at all times, I get to enjoy a sort of enthusiasm-by-osmosis: X’s book is in print! Y’s galleys came in! Z’s book is out and my little name, all 9 letters of it, is included in the acknowledgements?!?

Sure, I may sound like a rube, but the point stands: celebrate each milestone. They’re all important and exciting, and what do you have to lose for enjoying them all unreservedly? If nothing else, you’ll get the fuel to keep you working on the other projects you’re surely juggling, and that’s worth a lot. Happy writing!