Monthly Archives: March 2024

More Kindness from Authors

Well, it’s starting to look like I need some sort of special section for the incredible kindnesses extended to me by the brilliant people who let me tinker with their words! My addition today has me all kinds of verklempt–it’s from the acknowledgements of the new and transformative book Life Under Pressure: The Social Roots of Youth Suicide and What To Do about Themby Anna S. Mueller and Seth Abrutyn:

It is hard to figure out how to appropriately acknowledge and thank the marvelous Letta Page, who painstakingly poured over every chapter of this book providing us with important edits and insightful comments and helping us hone honestly everything about the book. It would be easier to figure out how to acknowledge Letta if that was all she did. But she also became our most trusted confidant and the person with whom we were most vulnerable (with our ideas). She made writing this book possible and even joyful. Letta, we aren’t sure we would have gotten here without you. Thank you for all you gave us, the words and beyond.