Monthly Archives: February 2024

And… again!

Just another truly awesome acknowledgment from a brilliant author, NBD. Okay, to me? BD. Very BD. This one’s from Tina Fetner’s Sex in Canada: The Who, Why, When, and How of Getting Down Up North:

I owe a deep debt of gratitude to the very talented wordsmith and my good friend Letta Page. Her enthusiasm for this project was contagious, and I appreciate the energy that her upbeat attitude gave me when I needed it most. Letta refuses to let me calcify into a stodgy academic, even though that would be as comfortable as curling up with a good book. Instead, she lent her wit and humour to the project, as well as her substantial talent as an editor, helping me find my voice for this work. If you enjoy reading it as much as I hope you will, you can thank Letta. I certainly do.

What a joy it was to work on this project and to help the inimitable Tina Fetner bring her own signature wit and wisdom to bear on the topic of, well, ways to warm the flannel sheets!